Friday, October 30, 2009

Vis. Lang: Lecture from Mon.

Sorry for the delay, but here is what I got from the lecture from Monday.

Components= problem solving like logos or design of a newspaper. It's a smaller part to a larger entity (tell a story)

Then the product is the making of the component like a brand (ex. apple)

and from there is the system, which is the response to what is out there like any other brands (music sharing)

This level asks the questions where things come from or what is the social impact. This level can be a social, technical, economic, cognitive

Narrative in Sound: sketch ideas for interactive

So the idea of paint program but updated, these two drawings show the direction of the layout of the interactive site. My ideas were to be able to click one of the icons to choose between the different song, lyric, voice over, and then the color squares will be sound effects on one side and then the other side will be images to try to match up the sound effects. This effect will represent the idea of fill color and line color that is in every program we use. Below this image I want to use this type of icons because they would be easier to click on with the mouse, and these give the idea of the different types of paint ideas, like brush, roller, paint bucket, and spray paint. This will give a good direction I think. The direction I want to go with rendering could include color pencil, marker, or digital. The digital rendering when done will probably be a solution to communication being clarified where color pencil and marker can lose the information given.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vis. Lang: Postcard 1

Vis. Lang: approaches to postcards

These are some of the directions I went towards, I kept handrendered type as a key factor and then photographed a similar object, but cropping help make it not as obvious.

Narraative in Sound: sound tests

So it has taken me awhile to find an actual website to host my mp3s for free but it worked and here they are. I also found an embedding code to place my sounds into so they would work just like cloudnine.

The Shins

Rossini The Thieving Magpie

Ghosts 21

Into the Ocean

Bouncing off the Walls

Fun, fun, fun

cleaning brush

drawing effect2

drawing effect

dry paint brush

monkeyattempt- this will be redone

opening paint effect

squeezing2 effect

squeezing1 effect

squeezing3 effect

water effect

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vis. Lang: Revised poster_mode of appeal

After going through critique, I decided to tackle this one more time to get the information across. Since the Holland Dance Festival seemed to be lost, I replaced the since 1932 part with it. From there I kept what I had for the tagline per-say, but added sponsors, so information wouldn't be as confusing, hopefully this time was better achieved.

Vis. Lang: reading summerizations

This Means This, This Means That: User’s Guide to Semiotics
With in this reading, the article goes over how some symbols have been associated with related meanings or arbitrary relationships. Like dove generally means peace or peaceful because how they are as creatures same with lions representing strength because they are strong. Then it goes on about how there are some less oblivious like how lily is representing purity, meaning we need to know the meaning in advance. After adding the oblivious and less oblivious, we get the arbitrary relationships meaning of random choice or on a personal whim. After reading about symbols it went on to transmission.

Transmission is using a certain medium (ie presentational, representational, mechanical) to be carried the message from the sender to the receiver. Presentational medium is through the voice, the face, the body. Representational medium is through paintings, books, photographs, drawings, writings, and buildings. Mechanical medium is through telephones, the internet, radio, and film. Through this section the writer proves that Mona Lisa consists of all three from her facial expression, it is a painting, and the fact that now its in the digital world.

The last section was about receiver and how we can perceive different meaning just by the words that were used in a sentence. This would make sense if the message was depended on how the sentence is interpret, and how we receive it. This is determined by the reader though.

Berlo Communication Model
David Berlo’s SMCR Model, from 1960, proposes that there are five elements within each the source and encoder, and the receiver and decoder, which will affect loyalty and support. 'His approach towards differs from the straightforward transmission models, but uses a dyadic (having two elements) communication, where it stresses the role of the relationship between the source and the receiver as an important variable in the communication process.'
He talks about a monadic, which is a single unit,that can be approached to the communication act that would tell us much about the communication skill level, personal characteristics and more of both source and receiver. This supposedly might tell us about the general information of both.

The source of communication also applies to receiver, where is five verbal communication skills, 2 encoding, 2 decoding, and 1 that is crucial to both encoding and decoding. Summarizing the communication skills will involve in knowing/applying grammar, knowing/ using a wide range in vocab, knowing/ applying convention, and adapting to how to represent to an audience. This will help with communication.

The source of communication applies to knowledge level, and this determined by his/her own attitudes, the way in which s/he can produce or treat message, the kinds of choices, s.he can make about communication channels, and of the subject matter. All of these factors apply equally to the encoding and decoding.

The source of communication applies to socio-cultural level, and how people in different social classes communicate differently. Generally is by word choice, reason why to communicate, meaning that is attached to certain words, choice of receivers, and the channels they use for the message. This brings into attitude towards self, subject matter, and receiver for source.

Then he goes on to message, which consist of code (encode a message, must make certain decisions about the code that will be used), content (material in the message that was selected by the source to express his/her purpose), treatment (the decisions which the source makes in selecting and arranging of both code and content). This then leads onto channel which is the source that has to choose a channel to carry a message. This also involves in what media selects.

A Communications Primer_film designed by Charles and Ray Eames
This film was made in 1953, which has a sense of stop motion within. Through this film it goes through the step by step of the communication model. It starts in the info source, which it picks a desire message out of many other possibles. Then it goes to the transmitter, which changes the message to the signal, so it codes it. The signal then sends the message over to the communication receiver. The receiver decodes to get the message as it arrives to the destination. Through the process of the message going into the signal, there happens to be noise, which happens in almost everything, but it isn't necessary sound, but can be motion and a light source. The process of color and form can also carry communication. Some symbols change, but sometimes they don't during the signal. Overall the receiver needs to be able to decode the message.

Vis. Lang: + and - of glass jug

When coming up with a list of words that can be explored more towards glass this is what I came up with. As well with coming up with words I thought of how it is used in today.

Positive(+) words:
smooth, sleek, suitable, recyclable, fusion, inexpensive, sparkles, organic, energy efficient, durable

Negative(-) words:
breakable, droppable, scratch, toxins (thinking of the process of making glass), brittle, personalization

Neutral words:
transparent, color, size, weight, resistance, attraction, impermanent

Other words:
rounded, modern, container, science, environment, sanitize, harmony, replenish

Action words:
pour, fill, spill, crack, clean, empty

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vis. Lang: statement

From the original poster done by Studio Dumbar represented pathos from the use of typography as movement of dance and music played. As I did research I put my information into a mind map, which helped with choosing the direction of going from ethos to logos and how to represent both. After exploring both modes of appeal, finding that ethos was being more successful with some adjustments to be made. Determining photography over other mediums was a choice upon giving the appropriate creditably. Also choosing to have a standard background color helped leaving the typography to be more tangible to move around and give a better representation. This helped with the exploration of different typefaces with size and contrast to the image, which choosing Bodoni gave the contrast of thin and think stokes of the letterforms gave the elegance of the forms in the image. For doing Bloch Shoes, it is one of the best-known dance shoemakers that dancers have been able to trust for many years. After the research, I found and realized my pointe shoes I photographed actually were made by Bloch, which surprised me. This even proves my point of Bloch giving creditability since it has lasted since 1932, and this can give a reason why to do (dance) or go to (viewer) the Holland Dance Festival, plus the poster provides information for both.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Type: Spread direction

This the spread direction that I want to go through with through out the whole book, with the direction of breaking the grid will give a more exciting read to the viewer. I'm working with both serifs and non serifs in my type choices, this will help give another direction for read. I'm using a 4 column grid system that I think is working really well and I might go to eight at some point. These are just in the starting stages, but its getting somewhere.

Vis. Lang: Final Mode of Appeal poster

Here is the original poster done by Studio Dumbar that represented pathos since it was using typography as the movement of the dance and music played. From here I went onto the starting process of doing sketches for each ethos and logos, but narrowed down to ethos.

From the original I decided to do a mindmap to help give me a better direction and understanding where to go.

From there I did some sketches of how the type and image would out then chose the medium that I was going towards. From there I did some photographs with some type to see it to scale, but as mini mockups.

This process that photographing the pointe shoes was the best direction to go, but then the thought of color backgrounds was the next step to enhancing the shoes worn look.

From these color choices, narrowing down to the tan background was best choice since it has the connotation of time. and from there I did another photo shoot to get the best image. As to choosing it was to the final three.

From the final three poster images and type. I went around the junior and senior studio to get a score for to see which way I would go in the end for the image. After the scoring, I went forward with the middle image since it can give a straight forward meaning it is a shoe, where as the others were a bit anonymous to what they were.

This is the final after going through long processes of getting here, this was successful.

In the end, my approach towards giving the Holland Festival a different direction, I thought of who would be there(the viewer) and then behind the scenes(dancers). The best approach was to do the dancers, where I could do certain brand names toward dance and outfits they wear, like Bloch Shoes. Then when I did research on the pointe shoes, since dancers are certain on what they wear , Bloch Shoes has been one of the best known dance shoe makers. After the research, I found/realized my pointe shoes I photographed actually was made by the brand I researched on, which surprised me. This even proves my point that Bloch gives creditability to the reason why to do/go to the Holland Dance Festival, plus this poster provides both the festival and the shoe brand.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vis. Lang: Posters chosen for Monday

From Process of Elimination these are three that got chosen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vis. Lang: Process of Elimination

So these are in a major process of elimination towards the type but there are a few that I'm very pleased with.

Vis. Lang: 3 photos

These are the three images I'm working form. After I have added text it will give the image more meaning. Looking through all of my photographs these were the strongest to represent the word 'worn' to give the since that they were old. The color of the background gives a better connotation of history, and helps to understand where I am going with my type. The added type images will be added later.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vis. Lang: Explorations

So here are some the explorations of color backgrounds and typefaces. The color backgrounds that are working that I'm happy with are the yellow, tan, and purple color, with that I'm going to narrow down to the yellow and tan color since those give the connotation of an older time or the mood of been worn for a long time. These colors enhance what I am trying to show for my mode of appeal: ethos. Now hopefully I can narrow down the position of the pointe shoe and typeface.

During the exploration of different typefaces, I found that there was a lot of typefaces that give the flexibility towards size and contrast to the image. The typefaces that I found to be pleasing towards the image and compliment the background color decision was bodoni and Universe. I'm leaning towards bodoni for the contrast of thin and think stokes of the letterforms. I'm hoping this will be the direction I go for sure.

Overall from this group of development, I feel like the type position isn't quite there yet for a few, but fairly close to the direction needed to better represent the image and meaning.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Narrative in Sound: Final Kentic Type

kentic type: towel from Jessica Meurer on Vimeo.

Through the start of this process of choosing a noun to represent three verbs, I began to struggle to pick actions. After finally deciding what verbs were going to be represented, I was happy to explore the different ways to treat the motion. This gave me a clear way to approach the fluidity of action to action through the storybroad, as well as working analog gave me an understanding of how many different approaches to verbs. My process of creating the type was made of towel with marker drawn on top to clearly state what the viewer is looking at. My issue that came up was to think through was how to incorporate either one of the previous animations, and within this animation to give more context. By the time I was ready to go digital, I had a semi clear approach to combine the two, but I didn't know for sure how well. Hopefully the length of each verb is expressed equally and hand-generated text is capturing the actions clearly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vis. Lang: test 2 with comments from friday

All together from Friday's Crit. I was given the idea to make the actual ribbon from the shoes to make the date, which I still feel it is kind of a obvious way to treat that. Also to play around more with the typography to get a sense of unity through the whole thing. I felt like with feedback of the pointe shoes was the same response that didn't really help. With the 'In the Heart of Holland,' the feedback I got back was to try cut out type for hand rendering as well as keeping the feel of the cut out shapes of the dancer, also to keep the dancer in a angle like manner to give another dimension. Another thing that happened which I still haven't figured out why was the fact that some people were saying they could see both of my directions switch from what they originally represent.

With the process of doing the 'In the Heart of Holland,' I choose to keep everything hand-made, which kept to the homey feeling that everyone was getting originally from Friday. While doing this process, I realized having two dancers instead of one gave more ability to play with the position of type and figures. This also opened up the possibly to the background and I was going towards complementary colors or similar feelings towards them. I personally think the yellow background isn't working, so I was thinking of a cool color like a blue that is light, to bring out the type and figures to pop. I had fun trying to configure how to position the type in a way that it read easy. When I did set up for this I wanted to limit myself to two different type sizes, so I really could get expressive and not have to over think of the size of things. Hopefully it was successful.

With the process of the pointe shoes, I got good feedback of what needed to be done. I did go back and rephotographed from what I originally had, and I feel like these were more successful that the lighting was easier to handle since I did use the photo room and that helped with setup I was really wanted to go towards. I played around with how the class wanted to see the ribbons make the date because they felt like the hand rendered would possibly draw away from the whole piece, and from there I tried to photograph it in different advantage points to see what point that someone can't see the year. While photographing, I feel that I will keep to a black and white feel to leave someone thinking of what they are looking at even though the picture will very clear. Playing with type was really fun just trying to find a variety of ways to go towards. I personally feel that this direction is stronger in that it is very direct to the viewer, where as the Holland piece is playing off the idea of 'in the heart of downtown' saying that I would always hear when I would go on tours. Hopefully these two directions turned out the way they need to be, but we will see.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vis. Lang:Image testing take 1

When I began with my image testing for the 'In the Heart of Holland,' I decided to experiment with color paper, which then lead to the color of paper I choose to have a connotation of a home-like feeling towards things. To go further on this one I plan on experimenting with cut out type from the paper chosen since this method of having a vectored object was as successful as I thought. With having everything being cut out, I have things that are already have everything tangible and at a set size of things. Another way to attempt this one would be to take everything to a scan and work backwards to see how it would come out or as well as photograph what the outcome is and then in Photoshop fix the lighting that I want it to have. This way I wold choose to do a postcard to show the home feeling that you would get when receiving it.

Experimenting with the pointe shoes gave me more of an idea of how to approach the photography of cropping or positioning the shoes. In these I stayed away from trying to do a hand rendered attempt because I felt like it would lose the creditably of the actual shoe. I've have also figured when I revise this to have a standard background that would be tangible to where I can put typography in a meaningful way. This way I would choose to do a poster.

Narrative in Sound: Kentic type take 1: towel

Kentic type: rough from Jessica Meurer on Vimeo.

Vis. Lang: Travel Posters

I'm considering this poster is representing ethos because the saying is giving it creditability.
These posters would fall under logos since they are representing where they are at

These would fall under pathos because the red poster is showing movement through the dancer, and the women is showing her interest in what she is sewing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Narrative in Sound: Process

So my process of getting towards the actual animation is by this having an image then cutting it out from the background, so then it can tangible.