Sunday, April 25, 2010

Type: T4 type conference criticism

User Ex.: Take one and two of Poetic map

Take one: was to simply get the poetry to be working the imagery.

Take two: idea was to work with typography as to give the person more direction and understanding. Take three will consist of changing of size of imagery and where text needs to be more important than image.

Type: Final Conference Materials

So for my final pieces, I have a notebook, name tags, and a website. With the notebook I wanted it to reflect the name tag of which person has by design. This reflects the idea of the solid color and the grid on the front with a contrasting logotype. Within the notebook it reflects the top part of the name tag that is white but the name, work, place resembles the grid when it isn't there.

With the website I was still having the reflection of the name tags, but in a different way. I kept the negative space within the grid to give depth. I did add more of a gridded structure to how I approached the navigation and way you would read the website, also choose to use two different typefaces to give some areas more hierarchy. One of the things I wanted to achieve was when you clicked on a new page the background grid would be the thing that changes and the navigation bar expands across, so you would know what page you had clicked on.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Type: Final Artifacts before production

This is the outside of the notebook agenda. I wanted the back to be a simple plain color to get a break from the grid showing. I might add the logotype at he bottom. I kept the front of the notebook to represent the person who you have it would match their nametags.
Within the inside of the notebook, I have the similarity of nametags within. I also just have a placeholder in here to show where the notebook paper will go, but the page is lighter in person.
With the nametags, I decided to add a color background to add a break from seeing grids everywhere, but also to use to the white space of the back. With the purple and yellow nametag, I tried to change the hue of the yellow so the text could be white, but it just wasn't working so using a light purple gave more legibility.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Info Arch: Final Direction

I still have quiet a way too go with getting my images the way I want them to look, but I'm happy that EP reminded me that I do have the background of site to design too not just the main contained part. This eye opener gave me a bit more space to work with and explore. I still feel like that keeping the photograph images at three quarter view will help make the site a bit more cleaner, but we shall see.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Type: Final Concept Map

Text will be added asap

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Info Arch: Iterations on Macro/Micro

These are just ideas of what I could do with layout and background.

The idea of this first one was to show the sorting view with the multiple items in my collection in a pile at different sizes to represent a start to an end. The sketches on the left will be click-able to view a graph or other important information.

Idea two has to deal with the shirts ideally worn, but with no limbs in photo to give dimension, and be represented by size as well but in a cleaner look. I might even try this where they are in grid base and show size that way.

Idea 3 was with the ability to scroll left or right to see the change, but I also would might having the small sketches do the same and have a scroller to show where you are at when previewing the photographed images.

Type: Tight Sketches

With the notebook I wanted to give the attendee the ability to write down thoughts or even draw ideas that could be on their minds.

With the website, I was thinking of having the navigation bar be helpful on what you clicked upon. This is just one of my ideas, the other will be put up a little later.
With the nametags, I decided to use complimentary colors to get a good contrast as well as grid to type. I have realized, I have some areas to solve with the purple and yellow, but it will get worked on. Otherwise the size of them are a decent size.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Info Arch: Iterations

So my iterations are based off the 3 areas of folded, unfolded, and logotype. Some of the areas I still want to explore the illustrations that Alex Gray did and simplify them.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Type: Identity

Through out making my identity, I had a set plan to have interchangeable logomarks that are abstract and then become clarified by the subhead. With the option of choosing a logomark, it gives my the chance to have many different outcomes on artifacts. Thus meaning I can have simple grid as the pattern and use a contrasting logomark placed on top. I have decided that I have three different sizes of logomarks, so that they can be used in applications of all sort ranging in size. The colors that I choose where to have complimentary colors and also to switch up the color usage. So instead of just using the two complimentary colors to add another one, or to have 2 cool colors with 1 warm color; this giving countless opportunities to use the colors. I have Univers condense and Minion regular as my body text to give me to keep the idea of contrasting open ended when setting the type. The patterns I do have are of the grid, and I plan on adding dimension and emotion when taking parts away from the grid. I feel this can demonstrate the breaking of the grid more.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Type: In Process with some ideas

For the beginning, I started with simply the two letter forms T and R for Type Revolution and using my experiments as the base to turn them into a logotype. One of the things I have realized with this part is that I should have started with the exact size I want to use them because resizing wouldn' t be true the form. When I place this onto artifacts I plan on having Type Revolution placed underneath even though I could figure at more places to had it.

One of the other things I was working with for my logotype was taking the whole words for my conference and applying the pattern to it, this idea can make many logotypes with different grids as their base.

Another way I tried was having a simple grid with the letters in their own square, which I am still playing with.

Overall I'm expanding on these ideas.

I wanted to see what my full length logotype with m experiment applied to it would look like on an artifact, so I attempted the name tag. With the name tag I placed a grid in the background and took bits and pieces away from it, so it might add personality. From there when I add the name, organization, and place, I had them contained using the grid as the container and using my rule of where it touch it got filled, but I kept the important part readable.

User Ex: Packaging

Here is the before idea of my containers that I used and thought they brought a geometric form to the idea. It was when they were due that I felt that the form wasn't making me happy at all, so I had a conversation with Kidwell and decided that I could take the opportunity to revise them.


I decided to go with mason jars as my containers because it holds up to my concept of science or experimenting in the kitchen theme I was going for. This idea also gives the viewer an idea to reuse them and keep buying the product. One of the things that I changed about the object was I got away from the logo being an atom, but I brought that into the pattern work of the bags that would go into the mason jars. I also reworked how you read the brown sugar in such and give it a little sense of humor by adding the lines organic richness, organic sweetness, organic power. After revising, I felt better about my package.