Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Title is......

Wild Adventure

and the 10 words are:

mountain, backpack, blood, snacks, sleeping bag, bear, fire (wood and lighter), weather, muddy shoes, teenager

New titles for Vis Comm??

Here are a few new ideas for a two word title that would give the other one more meaning but in a different way.

Deep Contemplation
Interior Thought
Inner Peace
Self Discovery
Left Behind*
Wild Adventure*
Teenager's Adventure

One of these hopefully will be able to replace Runaway Child, but I would still keep the same concept of being on their own in the world.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


These three photos of a watch are probably my favorite because you can get a good sense of a story that can be told.

The screen shots shows how I was picking and choosing words to go along, hopefully they seem to fit. I think they show some great potential.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Visual Communticaton 2 proj. 4 part 1 and reader's response

Within the start of this project I was able to comprehend the matter of collecting even the strange and the funny objects that could go along with each small step to completion of a story. Also to reconsider that a drawing can be 'disposable' rather than a keepsake. I think that everyone should keep some kind of documentation about their life or what is going to happen with in it.

We should blog to reference where we started from up to where we are at today. No matter what we do, we still look to the past to keep gathering information. With blogging every moment or small step will help to see how our own minds work. I think blogging more this semester will help me improve with my outcome in class and also with my vocabulary of coming up words for a theme or story to be told.

With that in mind my goal on blogging is to keep update more on my work just like I did on my process binder(s). I know there will be a lot of thoughts flying my way and I'll have to consider what is a good idea. Blogging for me can be a way of relief or break in a way from stress or just another way to express myself in a different way. The main goal of my blog will be for me to express myself in a deeper level of understanding and to reflect what I'm learning, and then try to communicate it to others in class with speaking.


My two word story that I have chosen is Runaway Child. I chose this one because I could imagine what the outcome of the child being out in the world by themselves and trying to make it on their own. With that in mind 10 words that can be associated with my story are:

backpack, old shoes, child, money, stick with sack, tree house, milk carton photo, teddy bear, flashlight, sleeping bag

additional would be: snacks, police, parents, door, weather

Here's the first day of TYPE 2

Within everyday, I always look to my watch to see what time is otherwise I would feel lost without it. When I was younger, I use to think when I didn't wear my watch, I would be going to the future of time or even back to the past. Those were the days.

But that was just the beginning. I still wear a watch, but I look more towards designs of how I can stand out from others yet keep it to my style.

This project that we have just taken on is about an everyday object that is universally understandable, this why I choose the watch as my object.

Just some of the words I can work from are:

history, future, quality, jewelry, fashion, identity, electric, awake, white rabbit, look, late, past, present, busy, deadline, death, tick, pinch, gift, organized*, time, timeless, analog*, digital, alertness, attention, aware, duty*, notice, observe, survey, period, check, continuance, second, extend, eternity, duration, interval, lapse*, measure, moment, cycle, extend, frequency, personality*, unique, self, classify, analyze, beat*, pulse*, limit, fad, configuration, convention, condition, standard* classified, systematic*, business*, commitment, obligation

*: words I think describe a watch so far to me

Thanks Michael Eppelheimer for letting me borrow your watch since mine wasn't what I going for, but yours was.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Semester Here I Come

So this next semester my goal is to try even more harder than last semester in my output of projects. I had a great break of traveling back and forth from home and KC, but I'm ready to settle down and get work done. One of the many things I will keep on doing is trying to have fun with whatever hard problem comes my way and figuring them out. I can't to get this semester started it shall be a exciting one.