Monday, December 7, 2009

Vis. Lang: Final Statement

Overall on this process of getting to my complex mind map that is broken down into a book started off which having the idea of doing gate folds, bi folds, etc., but in the end it became a workbook of a better way of understanding the communication model in a step by step manner. Through out the process of doing my book, I have come to realize that I should appropriate the time I put into a mind map because it exemplifies who I am as a person, since I need things broken down so I'm able to understand more clearly. One of the things I learned about this project was the factor that there are manying different interpretations of the communication model and none are wrong because of how a viewer will look at it as a whole.

I'm thinking towards the extrapolation that will frame my whole semester for this class is the fact I used mind maps in all three of the projects, which explains how I think, this will show my process to the beginning of projects as well as being organized.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Narrative in Sound: Final Statement

Art21 redone opener from Jessica Meurer on Vimeo.

here is the final piece but the file got messed up while being uploaded so I'll try again after class to see if there is a difference.

My theme came from the show Art:21- Art in the 21st Century. I choose this opener to redo because the original showed less interest with just line and type. I kept a voice over to give the title of show, but changed the style so that it sounds like something epic is going to happen.The way I approached Art 21 scene is by giving each letter form that constructs different mediums of art.

So part of process was to cut out every image of each letter form and to fix the lighting in all of them so they would look similar. This process became a meditative part in the whole putting the opener together. When I went into flash I put each letter on their own layer. Doing so would showcase each form all together instead one at a time. I needed the letters to be shown all together otherwise a viewer would not understand what was going on as clear. From the original they showed words that made up Art 21, so I choose to keep that idea in mine but less so that there is a smaller story within it. The three words are learn, create, and grow. The thought that went into the three words were on the factor of when I was younger I had a teacher that would say those words to influence us to do more with our lives. One of the things that I learned through out this project that is harder than you think to come up with an idea and be able to present in the manner that you would like. I also learned that doing analog work is strong way to approach a project because in the end it doesn't look like the program you used.

Final Stills

So looking at my actual file the three words don't stick in the original. Overall I learned more little elements in flash that use to take me a long time to find last year. The one thing that I do enjoy in my opener is the transition with the voice over coming in that leaves the viewer to read the title and watch it introduce the three people being in the show.