Saturday, February 28, 2009


Working more with the billboards I wanted to give a sense of hierarchy with the type. Hopefully these are going in the right direction.

Start of color finding for icons!


unique design decisions made during this phase:

Going through the process of painting each object that was going to be my main focus for icons first. Then to scan them in and vector each object. The process of vectoring was probably my most involved part of this phase because for each object it took between 2-7 times of redoing, just so the object looked playful. In the end, I decided to have the rule that parts are connected within the shape weather it was the black or white space. Another rule was to keep the black and white space consist throughout each icon. Also to keep my icons between 60-75% black fill.

project discoveries:

During this project, I have become to realize that I really do like making icons. Plus, during the process, I've realized how much math process has been brought into this project because math is a systematic process and I supposedly think systematically to make an outcome. Also, I realized that you can interpret objects in many different ways, like fills, outlines, and half and half. One of the main things, I learned during this part of the project is how can you make an object be understand in the least about of lines and then keeping the needed information to show the object completely.


the connotations that are communicated as a result of your formal/aesthetic direction:
- playful
- childlike
- a sharpness in some shapes and some of the looseness
- fear or dangerous aspect of the bear, band aid, and fire
- adventure
- sleeping bag could be restful, rugged, and warmth
- rain- soaking feeling and mud making
- backpack- child or young teenager, contains the important objects a child would have with them
- tree- nature, branching, a 'roof' over the head

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

redo of billboards

I realized I had the wrong size of billboards, so I fixed them again.


drum roll please...........


that was it......isn't cool?!?! :D


My first ideas towards billboards for NBC. One of the things I tired to keep consistent was the type as close to NBC's logo type and also the color to the mood of the weather. To me, I think I got off to the right start on this one next is to try the bus wrap around.

Monday, February 23, 2009

another update for type

I'm trying to get the tonality to flow through each composition more smoothly. When small looking at them, they look as though they belong, but when they are larger it is hard to say.

Type update

These are my type experimental figures, I hope they are better from the last, and I know that lightning isn't working yet, but it will get there. My favorite ones would have to be rain and cloud because they hold the feel and are stronger than the others, I think.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sleeping bag attempts

The attempt of trying to get a rolled up sleeping bag not look like a foreign food. When I first tried, I went around to see who could figure it out and then the feed back was to give it a sense of tension from it being held together. So far I think I'm getting there, but the next attempt is to try a rolled out sleeping bag.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

possibly a new icon

With the boot I started off going straight onto the computer and then realized that they were too clean for how I have been portraying my icons. Three below the first 2 are the ones I went off the painted version to left. Out these three I think the 1st one to the left works best with the spacing of the white space closer to the bottom of the boot will go along with the other shapes.

another attempt to making a new icon.....with this one, I painted out the tree and then brought it into the computer and kept some of the movements from the brush into the vector shape. I have a feeling it will need a lot of work from here to refine, but I think I'm getting some where.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

another update...OMG!!!

So some of the things, I'm still going to be working with it getting the band aid to look more unified and less geometrical, and then the backpack to be more clear.

In the Process

Just in the middle of doing my icons today and thought I should put a captured image of where I am at. I'm finding out a few things on the way.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Type experiments

So the new project for type, I have been finding it semi hard for my mind to process it sense I tend to think systematically. Hopefully tonight I will be able to tap into my mind and get a little more creative. We will see.


Then I tried moving the upper left bird over to the right corner to create a circular movement for the eye. And then I bended the binary code more, so there wouldn't be a harsh line.
The new changes consist of getting rid of some of the birds and rewriting Edgar's signature. The next thing I'm going to be working on in the pixel fragments on the binary code.

Monday, February 16, 2009


My continued process consists of experimenting with different set rules. I toyed around with organic and geometric, open and close lines, thick and thin lines, and overall free standing or adding a background base. I'm still deciding whether to include having a background because my icons have enough detail to work on their selves, they don't have to rely on anything in the image.

So far, I like what I have to work with and I can't wait to add more icons to my collection to build the story more adventure.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 1 book finally done!!

Our group had 3 different objects that were a watch, nail polish, and a jump starter cables. We decided to title our book Crime of Passion because the story that we are telling is based on a person is lonely, but then finds someone and they end up getting into a fight. In the end one kills the other and ends up alone again. The use of each object was important to tell the time, the action, and what the character is going to do.

Over all this project showed how people can work together as a group and pull things together to make a story make sense. What I learned mostly about this project is the process of gathering group members work and hoping they'll work and not be fuzzy images, in which case still happened no matter what we would do. With the group I was in, I was happy that we were able to pull together and get things done and work around the crazy schedule that we had. Our group I think had great motivation to put this story together.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OH...the history of icons in sports

One of the main images we know that has to be universal is the Olympic's icons, they have to be clear enough that anyone can get the picture of what is going on. Over the years of coming up with there icons, they had the ups and downs to them. But in the end the creators have kept to a system of how munich ad montreal had done with the simplicity.

I just hope that when i'm finished with my icons they will come across easy to read and stays interesting to anyone's eye.

Update for image

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New approach

New approach to Edgar Allan Poe!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Process for image

So far for image this what I'm working with....still a process to go through as I am still looking for more black and white photos to work with to keep my conception still old fashion.
This another part of my process a little farther into it. For the required quote, I'm thinking I might write out in my handwriting and then scan it in so it keeps the content unity.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Working on icons

So, I have come aware that making icons is actually funny, but I guess it is because of my approach is a very systematic and in this case it is the best way for to go towards. I have also come across the fact that my line and combination of line and fill are probably my best ways of coming up with a icon. I'm gonna keep exploring right now, so until next time there will be more.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vis.Com. 2 proj. 4 part 1- 3 of my favorite layouts final book

I just thought I would put this photo in as a prospective view so you are able to clearing see that are some wrinkles of worn into the journal based book.

The layouts that I choose were the ones I thought had a good sense of understanding considering the tonality of colors and the feeling you get as you look at them.

This layout is FIRE. The image selection that I went with this object per say was camp fire, that went into subcategories of wood and a lighter. With this layout, I considered the basis of how a boy scout would approach to making a fire on their own. I also included some of my own belongings as visuals to help get the image of how a fire would work in different ways. In the upper left corner, I taped in a twig as the representation of how you can get started with the fire which is filled in more on the page. Hopefully the layout gives a warm feeling since I kept the layout with warm colors.

The process of gathering items for this information to clearing come across was pretty easy to find, it was just how would I position the images to get the idea of how a teenage boy is thinking and how they would put something in their journal.

The Second layout here is MUDDY SHOES. The way I approached this page was thinking of things that would or could happen in mud, as well as better and after. On here I created mud as to the page after this layout I had put the dry dirt in. I wanted to get the sense of how it would look dry and wet. With the images I chose, I choose to have old pairs of shoes and muddy ones as well. The overall concept I kept with this layout was to see the main sense of brown since it represents the ground. The reason why I chose to have muddy shoes instead of dirty clothes was the meaning behind muddy shoes can go deeper in the fact, they get you from point a to point b and your feet mold the shoe over time.

Gathering for this object, I found to be hard for the fact that you start to just see feet that are muddy. Then you realized there are many points to this as there would be to fire. DIRT+WATER= MUD! Also the fact you have to keep in mind of the person feet too.

This layout is about the TEENAGER that I made into a Boy Scout. I made the teenager into that because then I would be able to somehow tap into my brother's mind when they use to be in it. I guess it worked because I was able to remember what there honor was and badges. With this layout, I considered to have in a journal manner with what a teenage boy would be thinking or interested in. I hope the impact of this page will give the sense of direction of how the journal can be like which is controlled chaos. I still kept the tonality of warmth to it too.

Gathering information for this page started off difficult until I thought more deeply. I feel I was able to tap into a teenage boy's mind a bit.

Overall the process of making this journal was fun, yet difficult as times. I started off with the idea of making my own journal but instead going out and buying a sketchbook journal and spray mounted the pages together to make it more durable. The hard part for me was considering what type of images to choose and how I was going to damage my book because of the weather is horrible, but you'll have to find that out in my journal. Hope you enjoy the child of me in this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 1 Image

After I printed it out I included some of my own handwriting and some lines to create a frame. This assignment was interesting because I had to think deeper into my thoughts for the symbol which the rusted bells to the right.....They represent my Family's history, on my mom side her last name use to be Flagg, and then I learned I'm related to James Montgomery Flagg who drew the 'I Want You In the Army' poster. It is something important me to. My index which is my flip flop can really tell it is me because everyone knows I wear flip flops in any type of weather. and my icon of course is me, enough said.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Put type within the image

Adding the text within each image came across better than just on the other half of the page. When bringing text into the piece, you get the character of each image to come out and say what it really means. It can speak on their own.