Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Multimedia: Portfolio with 3 interactions

Intro page will have a quote that will relate to what I'm thinking, and over time the quote will change out.
by seeing work you click a category, in which expands to reveal all the projects. Then by clicking on a specific project, it will load up in a scrollable from left to right view and allows the viewer to see all the images of the project.

Site Proposal

My portfolio site will house my body of work in multiple areas. The navigation will be a side bar that will expand once clicked on a main topic, in which will show individual projects. The expandable navigation will allow for growth over time so more projects can be shown.

When entering my portfolio site, a simple greeting of hello and a quote that inspires or influences me will be placed. I feel this would give a general emotion that I aim for.

Each project will show images of the work and allow for an easy slide of left to right scroll.

The site will be built in HTML and incorporate a resume, contact details, and of course the identity of bright colors that represents my efforts of coming in with a smile and willingness to work.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Multimedia: Portfolio

Naming Options:


System / Hosting:

Cargo Collective


- Hooked [web, iphone]
- Aero [branding - identity system]
- Acme Cooking Supplies - [packaging]
- Dennis Myers Designs [branding, print, web]
- How to Change a Bike Tire [manual]
- Russell Wright [book]
- Gertrude Stein [book]
– Experimental Typography [print, poster]
– Typelab Conference [print, book, poster]
– A Guide to Communication Theory [book]
- A Trek Through Time [poster, book, icons]
- How to Survive a Bear Attack [print]
- The Communication Model [print, book]
- Gail Anderson [print, poster, flyer]
- Seeing Color [print, book]
- Six Degrees [print, poster, book, dvd]
- Seven Deadly Sins [print]

Categorization Options:

Media- print, interactive, web
Media- poster, book, interactive print, web, packaging, motion, photography
Skill- typography, photography, production [ie, packaging] break down of lots of information
Classes- typography, user experience, information architecture, multimedia experience, design systems, visual communications
Timeline- Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Some process work towards a revised test

Here are some drawings that can be used within our revised test. The way the questions will work is by how each answer is represented. In this case I'm working with the visual answers, but the other answers will consist of sound for the auditory answers and video for the hands on answers. The reason why we are going to be using video for the hands on is to represent what is happening and seeing if a student will respond to that better. Besides these three different representations of the answer, they will have the answer written out as a reinforcement. More to come

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Multimedia: nonrevised version of script

How to find a fishing buddy already in the community

-giving Russell the ability to view from the map and getting instant feedback of how many fellow fisherman are in the area is helpful if Russell has a question to ask

-in this case, asking what type of bait should be used for bass fishing is important to get knowledge that Russell should obtain.

-after the needed question is asked, giving Russell the ability to swift through other fisherman in the area gives Russell information as to the other fishermen's experience in fishing and what their favorite type of fishing is too.

-when leaving the buddies option, giving Russell the ability to do some of the other applications while waiting for a response from the fellow fisherman in the area will give Russell new information as to how to find the right spot to fish.

-finally receiving feedback from the fellow fisherman gives Russell the sense of knowledge to learning a new trick of the trade and giving a response back gives Russell a sense of accomplishment.

How to find fish within the area

-from Russell's view, knowing where the hotspots are the first time out can be difficult so the fish finder can give instant, quick feedback as to where the fish are

-simply giving the application a chance to scan a photograph of the water will give Russell the needed information for being able to get the right catch that he wants

-the ability of viewing where the fish are within the area will also give Russell the information as to how big they are, how much they weigh, and where in the water the fish are.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Design Systems: Where I am at so far

So far I have gotten a good handle of where I need to be going. I still have some refinements to do, but it is getting there. Here are just a few to get an idea of where I am going. More to come.....

Multimedia: Final directions

the only thing left is to add numbers to the depth chart and fix the app. button. YAY!! getting there