Monday, November 22, 2010

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Cargo Collective


- Hooked [web, iphone]
- Aero [branding - identity system]
- Acme Cooking Supplies - [packaging]
- Dennis Myers Designs [branding, print, web]
- How to Change a Bike Tire [manual]
- Russell Wright [book]
- Gertrude Stein [book]
– Experimental Typography [print, poster]
– Typelab Conference [print, book, poster]
– A Guide to Communication Theory [book]
- A Trek Through Time [poster, book, icons]
- How to Survive a Bear Attack [print]
- The Communication Model [print, book]
- Gail Anderson [print, poster, flyer]
- Seeing Color [print, book]
- Six Degrees [print, poster, book, dvd]
- Seven Deadly Sins [print]

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Media- print, interactive, web
Media- poster, book, interactive print, web, packaging, motion, photography
Skill- typography, photography, production [ie, packaging] break down of lots of information
Classes- typography, user experience, information architecture, multimedia experience, design systems, visual communications
Timeline- Sophomore, Junior, Senior

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Jessica -

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