Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Multimedia: Portfolio with 3 interactions

Intro page will have a quote that will relate to what I'm thinking, and over time the quote will change out.
by seeing work you click a category, in which expands to reveal all the projects. Then by clicking on a specific project, it will load up in a scrollable from left to right view and allows the viewer to see all the images of the project.

Site Proposal

My portfolio site will house my body of work in multiple areas. The navigation will be a side bar that will expand once clicked on a main topic, in which will show individual projects. The expandable navigation will allow for growth over time so more projects can be shown.

When entering my portfolio site, a simple greeting of hello and a quote that inspires or influences me will be placed. I feel this would give a general emotion that I aim for.

Each project will show images of the work and allow for an easy slide of left to right scroll.

The site will be built in HTML and incorporate a resume, contact details, and of course the identity of bright colors that represents my efforts of coming in with a smile and willingness to work.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Multimedia: Portfolio

Naming Options:


System / Hosting:

Cargo Collective


- Hooked [web, iphone]
- Aero [branding - identity system]
- Acme Cooking Supplies - [packaging]
- Dennis Myers Designs [branding, print, web]
- How to Change a Bike Tire [manual]
- Russell Wright [book]
- Gertrude Stein [book]
– Experimental Typography [print, poster]
– Typelab Conference [print, book, poster]
– A Guide to Communication Theory [book]
- A Trek Through Time [poster, book, icons]
- How to Survive a Bear Attack [print]
- The Communication Model [print, book]
- Gail Anderson [print, poster, flyer]
- Seeing Color [print, book]
- Six Degrees [print, poster, book, dvd]
- Seven Deadly Sins [print]

Categorization Options:

Media- print, interactive, web
Media- poster, book, interactive print, web, packaging, motion, photography
Skill- typography, photography, production [ie, packaging] break down of lots of information
Classes- typography, user experience, information architecture, multimedia experience, design systems, visual communications
Timeline- Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Some process work towards a revised test

Here are some drawings that can be used within our revised test. The way the questions will work is by how each answer is represented. In this case I'm working with the visual answers, but the other answers will consist of sound for the auditory answers and video for the hands on answers. The reason why we are going to be using video for the hands on is to represent what is happening and seeing if a student will respond to that better. Besides these three different representations of the answer, they will have the answer written out as a reinforcement. More to come

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Multimedia: nonrevised version of script

How to find a fishing buddy already in the community

-giving Russell the ability to view from the map and getting instant feedback of how many fellow fisherman are in the area is helpful if Russell has a question to ask

-in this case, asking what type of bait should be used for bass fishing is important to get knowledge that Russell should obtain.

-after the needed question is asked, giving Russell the ability to swift through other fisherman in the area gives Russell information as to the other fishermen's experience in fishing and what their favorite type of fishing is too.

-when leaving the buddies option, giving Russell the ability to do some of the other applications while waiting for a response from the fellow fisherman in the area will give Russell new information as to how to find the right spot to fish.

-finally receiving feedback from the fellow fisherman gives Russell the sense of knowledge to learning a new trick of the trade and giving a response back gives Russell a sense of accomplishment.

How to find fish within the area

-from Russell's view, knowing where the hotspots are the first time out can be difficult so the fish finder can give instant, quick feedback as to where the fish are

-simply giving the application a chance to scan a photograph of the water will give Russell the needed information for being able to get the right catch that he wants

-the ability of viewing where the fish are within the area will also give Russell the information as to how big they are, how much they weigh, and where in the water the fish are.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Design Systems: Where I am at so far

So far I have gotten a good handle of where I need to be going. I still have some refinements to do, but it is getting there. Here are just a few to get an idea of where I am going. More to come.....

Multimedia: Final directions

the only thing left is to add numbers to the depth chart and fix the app. button. YAY!! getting there

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Multimedia: Revised iphone and ipad app

With the revisions of the iphone and ipad, I refined the look a feel even more than before by adding more relationship of how the hub interacts or how the information is given. By giving the the user the ability to separate info of another fisherman in the field by giving the name with the experience points and then giving information about that fisherman. I also decided to integrate the the keyboard more into our system by keeping it the brown. Also gave another level of read/separation for view the fishermen in the area by applying a stroke of color around their image and then giving the number of fisherman circle a drop shadow to give more separation. I also decided to keep the mail icon, but giving a different color gave it a more friendly feel and the fact it is there when you view the fisherman, it gives you the opportunity to message them. Convenience is key, I feel, the ability to receive information and look through it easy to understand is best.

With the Ipad, the revisions included putting the illustrations of the fish in the water, and changing the feel of how the application opens automatically in camera mode and not having another camera icon to make it as confusing. I also made the depth chart more apparent to where you looking in the water by making them elongate more.
Overall I did apply a new image for the background to give it more as this is your fishing pole that your looking at. Micah and I always liked the idea of having the iphone and ipad as a personal use and having imagery to compliment it was nice.

More refinements to come.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Design Systems: Final Direction

The colors are more rich in person.

The Journey to Frank Rushton Ele.

Information gotten from the 3rd grade teacher Mr. Wetzel

kinetic/tactile is the best way to learn- any hands on activity towards a subject is key, like getting responds to creating a game (using different objects like in Math use of blocks, clocks are a good use).

Reading is more difficult (unless it incorporated a mini play) this could be an avenue to helping to get kids outfits they could wear to act out since they don't have that opportunity.

Lessons with more auditory is better with several visual breaks (encourage movement). The kids enjoy anything that can be made in a posters, flashcards, and to use whiteboards while learning.

3rd grade is when they are learning to write in cursive. Also the classroom has a chance to use computers and his class had a world map carpet.

We asked him how can graphic design help... his answer was in anyway to create a new counting method, poster do go along way (esp. if it has instructions on steps and when they can do the step, they would have to read the step aloud, which can showcase it giving them something they can see visually). Symbol plus a word or motion within acting out the different types of learning styles could help them learn it better.

Learned that the school is learning a new set of teaching styles that includes a pacing guide which gives what the children need to learn when. Also learned that in 3rd grade students need help/more knowledge in understanding social studies and science just started this year thanks to the national geographic. Got information that school is going to start the program 'no child left behind,' which will give more testing to see where the students are in level with others and work within that area to get better is a simple way to put it, but it had start when Bush started in office.

After talking to Mr. Wetzel, we went and talked to the special education classes for learning disabilities to understand how they use learning styles in the group. Ms. Lujan answered our questions as best as she could.

She told us that when dealing with a learning disability, reading visuals (picture clues) are the best for her students. She likes teaching the students the use of repetition verbally (like say the word, then spell it out, and if spelled wrong try again spelling it out loud three times and then say the word again). She also said that to help her students learning, teaching one strategy at a time will be more successful than having multiple strategies going on at once. She tries to integrate words into games dealing with reading and writing. The other special education teacher we talked to, Ms. Cates, had said her students ranging 4th and 5th grade are into hands on things for learning, as well as visual learning too. She mainly works with reading and math, but she said that she would email us back if she could come up with more information or ideas to help us.

We also got to talk to a 5th grade teacher, Ms. Murphy, which was are main person that helped us get so much information about what her class already done to find out what type of learner they are. She said that about 6 weeks ago her students took a quiz from the computer lab teacher that gave direct information back right away. She also gave us information on what subjects she wishes that needs help, which are math, social studies, and science (even though that just started). She said with math, the toughest part for the students to learn is fractions and they start that next week, but she felt that fractions tend to be the toughest probably because it isn't practiced as much as well as maturity level isn't there yet in math. With social studies, we were told that there isn't a teaching style but wishes there was a way to make it more interesting than it already is. When we asked how do you think graphic design could help, she answered that it would be cool to basically update the way the posters look as well as give information a designers view (like breaking it down more or give multiple ways of how to understand the information). Ms. Murphy was a great help in our mission to know more that she is going to meet with us next week to try out our ideas.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Prototypes

So as a whole, the prototypes I made work with the three types of learning (hands on, visual, and auditory). The way I approach these ideas was thinking how to get the students involved, as well as adding a new tool for the teachers to use if they like.

The first idea is approached by a subject, in this case math, and have the number large, spelled out, and visually shown on the back. Then to have the student read aloud their number and the problem to be solved, from here then the student with the right number will then read their number and a problem. During the process, the students have the ability to scribble out on paper to figure out the possible answer.
The other idea can be approached with the student making their very own books about themselves. They would have a visual image of what they are talking about and on the other page, a written out description, so in the end they can read it to their parents or to others. This idea would give them the idea of how a book can be made too.

more to be added......

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MultiMedia: Iphone Appilcations

For my design I wanted to stick with the natural feel of how iphone looks and feel, I would like to work with imagery to bring in some contrast instead of a straight forward feel. I included an icon system that represents the 3 main categories (the fish finder, camera feature, and buddies).

And here is an idea where I would like to take it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010