Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1st attempt to bookcovers

My first attempt to making a book cover and the actual hand held skeleton of a book as well. I have a feeling that my second attempt will be better for the fact of making a mock up.

When I was looking into choosing my sport, I decided to go back through my history of track and field and choose these four events that deal with gravity in every sense. These colors I choose were to keep the sense of season with the warmness to them and give a historic feel. I still looking for non pixel photos mainly for the back cover because I want that to be part of the unity. One of the small detail I put towards these book covers was the different shoe types that have to be used in these different events. Overall I am trying to keep an unity between all of them. Let see how things go.

Into The Blue Sky goes Gail Anderson's name

Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Possible Titles for Map

Camping: Wild Adventures
*Camping into a Wild Adventure
Through the Adventures of Camping
Camping: Facing Through the Economy
Camping: Facing Through the Environment
Camping: Facing Through History
*Camping: Breaking History
*Lodging into History
Reporting to Culture
*Camping Through Time

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just some of my found sited work

*Most of this information will be shorter in terms, but will make sense to a young child!

Adaptations for Seasons of Food Scarcity

  • A stocky body for carrying fat and minimizing heat loss in winter
  • Ability to grow dense insulating fur
  • Ability to accumulate excess fat when food is available and remain healthy doing so
  • Ability to reduce their metabolism (hibernate) in seasons of scarcity.
  • Ability to mate when food is scarce in late spring and early summer, delay implantation of the blastocyst until November, give birth in the den in mid-winter, and in many ways arrange their annual life cycle of behavior and physiology to maximize efficiency of feeding during the time of year when food is most available.
Vision: Bears see in color and have good close-up vision. Distance vision (over 200 yards) untested.

Hearing: Exceeds human frequency ranges and is probably twice the sensitivity.

Smelling: Smelling ability extremely good. Limits untested. Their nasal mucosa area is about 100 times larger than in humans.

Intelligence: One of the more intelligent mammals. Navigation ability superior to humans. Excellent long-term memory. Can generalize to the simple concept level. Large brain compared to body size.

bear_swimming.jpg Running Speed: Lean bears can exceed 30 mph. Can run uphill, downhill, or on level ground. Fat bears with winter coats overheat and tire quickly.

Swimming Ability: Can swim at least 1.5 miles in fresh water. One swam more than 9 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. Speed and distance limits untested. Can swim to island campsites.

The bear on the left is a medium-sized male reaching for the backpack is taller than most female black bears. He stands about 6 feet to the tip of his up-stretched nose and is reaching to maybe 7 feet. Adult bears are not good at vertical jumping, so anything above 7 ½ feet would be out of reach for this bear and most bears. lynn_and_duffy_looking_up_tree_1-6-07.jpg The huge wild male on the right with the 6-foot researcher is about as large a black bear as a person could hope to see. At 876 pounds, he is only 4 pounds short of the world record for a wild bear. He could not reach above 9 feet. The U.S. Forest Service recommends hanging food above 10 feet, which undoubtedly will put food beyond the reach of any black bear.

Spray more effective than guns against bears: study PDF Print E-mail

blurry_charging_grizzly.jpg Last Updated: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 | 3:09 PM CT CBC News

Despite doubts among hikers and campers, you're better off with an eight-ounce can of bear spray than a gun, according to 20 years of data (Smith et al., 2008).

Canadian and U.S. researchers announced Wednesday that the spray stopped aggressive bear behavior in 92 per cent of the cases they investigated, whether the behavior was an attack or merely rummaging for food.

Guns were effective only 67 per cent of the time because shooting accurately during a grizzly charge is difficult, and it takes an average of four hits to kill a charging grizzly bear.

Most of the incidents involved grizzlies. The remainder involved black bears and polar bears.

The research dealt with concerns that wind can interfere with accuracy and can blow the spray back on the user. In 71 incidents studied, wind interfered with accuracy 5 times, caused minor irritation to the user 10 times, and caused near incapacitation twice. The spray was used at an average distance of 12 feet.

There were no reports of the spray malfunctioning unless one considers 11 additional incidents where it was applied to objects like tents. When used in that way, the spray attracts bears to roll in it.

Smith et al. concluded that bear spray is an effective alternative to lethal force.

How to survive a lightning storm on a mountainside

1. recognize the signs of an approaching storm

2.break away from group, if your in a group

3. remove any jewelry or metal on your body.

4. seek a dry, safe shelter

5.seperate yourself from ground

6. make yourself as small a target as possible

7. After the storm passes, assess whether anyone in your group has been hit, if you are in a group


-with 2 sticks, 250 tons of pressure is transferred from the back, knees, and legs to the arms, if the hike is up to 8 hours.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Final COLOR icons

I decided to use these colors for representing my theme as a whole because they hold the meanings I would like my icons to come across. I had some problems choosing my final colors based on the darker color, it was between this brown and a pine green, but over all the brown gave the icons more meaning of camping style. Hopefully, I pulled it off.

During this process, I learned how different colors can be conveyed in many was just by the other colors being close. Also the factor of when adding a highlight it can convey a 2D or 3D movement in the icon. I tried to keep that as a factor of what icon would get dimension. Those icons that have a 3D factor would be bear, sleeping bag, bandaid, and backpack. The 2D icons would be the tree, rain cloud, and fire. The way I choose these to be classified is based off of man made vs. natural made object.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Next step

Working within color, I've learned that I need to go more lighter with my colors so it can let the more important colors come out. What I'm going to lean towards is my outdoor colors more because the icons in the end still be read child-like as they were rendered in the beginning. I also my consider to bring in a bit of orange, I still haven't decided on that, but it would be a pop color to add to the contrasting colors that I have.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seven Deadly SHOES!!!!

So here are my Seven deadly shoes, I approached this project in a classified, sophisticated manner because I wasn't trying to make my images 'dirty' for the manner of the sins. So my approach was more geared towards keeping the images speak for themselves. I first tried taking my images in color, but I realized that some audiences were relying on color to get the sin, so in the end I went with the black and white images because I thought that they could stand out more and be able to stand alone with context. I've have realized during this project that when I approach an image, I mess with the tools I have so I don't have to mess so much in fixing them. The other thing I would only really do is crop and brighten some needed images. Overall with this project, I learned the concept of how to betray objects by working with lighting, and cropping to better get the information to get across quicker to the audience.

Friday, March 6, 2009

my color and connotations :D

yellow- happy, one son, playful, bright, sunlight, joy, happiness, earth, optimism, intelligence, idealism, wealth (gold), summer, hope, air
red- fiery, bold, passion, strength, energy, fire, excitement, speed, heat, arrogance, ambition, leadership, masculinity, power, danger, gaudiness, blood, aggression, summer, autumn
green-great intelligence, nature, spring, fertility, youth, environment, wealth, money, grass, aggression, coldness, jealousy, greed, renewal, natural abundance, growth, health, August, balance, harmony, stability, calming
brown- calm, boldness, depth, natural organisms, nature, richness, rustic, stability, tradition, dirt, feces, dullness, filth, heaviness, poverty, roughness, earth, down-to-earth

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Seven Deadly shoes


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Final thoughts for PERMITTING WEATHER

Emotional versus the informational impact of the content:

One of the ideas I was wanting to do the entire time was to have fun, but somehow it went the other way at the beginning. Then as we wrapped up the making of the weather and starting to apply them to a news station, it began to get better again. When we were applying to the applications, I kept the weather playful with the color of the NBC logo, so I could enjoy the project a bit more. Overall the words I choose (cloud, lightning, rain, drought), I tried keeping them through the precipitation cycle and should come across that when you watch the television interstitial.

What were the challenges in creating expressive compositions that fit together formally, but expressed their individual phenomena dramatically?

The challenges in creating expressive compositions the fit was getting the type to be legible and still represent the word to a liking. One of my main approaches was to adjust each type in a logical placing and then photography each word with a slow shutter to get a equal tonally through out, but the only word I had the most trouble positioning was cloud because it was the one with more tonally then the rest and the type wasn't working as a whole. With each weather word, I expressed the words but positioning them in the manner of how they would happen and feel to the eye as sense of direction.

What were the challenges in applying the compositions to the applications?

The challenges I had applying to the applications was feathering because it didn't work in my liking and idea I was going for, but I think that is because I didn't really know how to apply it the image itself. Other than that, when I working in Flash, I had the trouble of trying to get the speed to be slow enough but fast enough to be in the time allowed. My first attempt to my flash was rough, but then going in to revise was then easier the second time because I was able to refine each moment.

What defines the "system" across your applications?

My system across my application was approached by the colors of the NBC logo, the channel number tilted, and at least a word or tag line is the same color.

How did you balance the hierarchy of elements?

The way I was to able to create hierarchy was adding color to my type and also size of type of the application. I used a line of color to help separate and refine the hierarchy as well.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The buses in world

Here are the bus iterations I have done, but overall, the buses I only like is cloud and lightning bus. I think these are strong because you can have legibility of the words.