Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visual Advocacy: brief discussion in class

products don't last forever

sean- throw it in the ocean

the engine can only go so far

re-accounting for recycling, and go back in the process
the design can be in a such way a process could be reversed for a waste free place

What about now? what do we do with it?
-throw in the ocean..NOT!
-figure out a more useful way to work with waste

people are taking things apart from computers and reclaiming for themselves, and a lot of the people are getting ill from getting this job done. They sell the metal for raw material and assuming that they get it for free and find a way to make money. You do what you can to survive.

regulations- regulating the system is the signal of design failure
need to go back to the drawing board

ideas are out there because people will buy it, want it, and then go for it.
the idea of showing people having trouble in life and showing people, people will help send money their way.

where do we stop pollution? make a company not pollute, but to figure out where things are coming and understand consequences.

overall cap on emissions, by how big a country is how much emissions could happen. If US is under the amount of emission then other countries can by what they have left. The idea of amount of emission will go down each year to the point if you go over you would have to pay to make up for the additional emissions in the air. Global issue going on.

incentives are out there to get the idea out there. get the idea out there.

modular carpeting-
floorcarpet tiles flora
project zero
ray anderson interface


we don't live in isolation

you can send used tiles back so that they can be reused

books on screens vs. hand held books
need base vs. liking base in environmentally going towards

People are going to what want to do make them happy.

"the book your holding is not a book"

someone has to ask questions, on what it could look like.....a book on XYZ

with the resources we will get there.

Ants based on population and the fact there should be a lot less of us and to see how they work.
Size of population in ants vs. our population
more ants in biomass in weight to equal one of us.

where does graphic design fit in this?
in awareness by getting the word out there to having the iphone have a alert out there to let you know. Gray is going into the business looking to change the outcome to be better.

sound to come......

3 systems of directions towards the outcome
for friday to do 3 approaches- valid 3 different approaches not themes come up with approaches like playing cards, board game, and physical game.
low feud. prototypes doesn't complete the solution
don't lock into the details- general approach
by Oct 8th (show tyler and chris the prototypes) for homework have some testing going on between the 8th-15th for testing...multiple people to test at least 2 responses
take all three out to user test
what piece will get us further in the run
Oct 15th- have some verbal/ picking a direction/ present that direction and give their response
then to refine
Oct 22th- what content where
Oct 29th- visual design to components
5th, 12th, and Nov. 17th case study due to design ing. change and app. rolled in
then start to develop the idea more adding more to concept
thinking lateral

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Readings

Catherine Gray Reading

Moving society towards sustainability is the thought of Gray's idea, and by getting multinational companies to get involved will help with the significantly impact of the ecosystem. I found this very intriguing for the fact that it is generally true that large companies and corporations work with multiple or use multiple cross platforms like print to website and finding another way to their strategy and operation. She goes on to talk about how they show the companies how to combine basic education and awareness with business analysis, so they can understand where biggest impacts, risks, and opportunities are. All the information is put into the business context, which I feel makes this idea achievable. I find it achievable for the companies to know the opinions out there because giving them knowledge of this information might give them the ability to expand on their work. I feel the Natural Step should be taken on al companies to become sustainable because our planet is in a decline of life-support, like fresh air and clean water. It is very interesting for the fact Natural Step is in twelve countries and the fact that they focus on methodology of that country.

I found that is was amazing that Home Depot took the change to find certified wood, educating their team, merchants, and key staff on the approach to sustainability. When she talked about Nike and how they wanted to have respect in labor practices, was something that I always wanted to know. Then to learn that Nike has impacted both environmental and social issues was one way of learning that they had their designers introduce new methods on sustainability. When it came to Ikea and Starbucks, I learned that they too had Natural Step come in to educate them on the things they use and then to change their method to improve in their field of work. When reading about McDonald's in Sweden, I just wish here in the states that the organic dairy, organic beef, and organic vegetables, and as well as modified organism in food would come here soon even though they are working on globally at the moment. I believe if we had the change here, then maybe the food would actually taste like food, also maybe service will go up and beyond than now. It was interesting to see McDonald's their list of companies they are working with, but I'm happy they are helping them. And I wouldn't mind reading Ant, Galileo, and Gandhi because then we could relate to sustainability better.

William McDonough
Economy, Ecology, and Equity

The Next Industrial Revolution, where industry and environment come together is something vital to the growth, free form of energy and open to systems. In human industry there would be similarly to 'technical nutrition' and that seeing these as 'waste equals food' could be put into a same kind of cycle. The idea of product of consumption would be biologically consumed and put back into the soil, is something that everyone I believe is wishing to happen with all materials. How do we find that way? Then the idea of products of service in which we want service and not the relating to potential has been in the system I believe for a long while with not throwing away computers, but returning it to the industry where they will reuse the material in another way. I feel that making more places available to return items that don't break down naturally is greatly needed because I only know of a few places, so why not more. I love this quote "With eco-efficiency, is being less bad being good, or is it simply being bad, just less so" for the fact is questions itself in a way.

Cradle-to-cradle cycle is having an open metabolism of chemicals that manifest on living or technical systems. "Things are actually getting lower in quality as they go through the process." This quote could be true because you can only think of how many trees are cut down first then how much of the scrapes are left over from the paper that was made before you have to cut down more trees. This is true with the breakthrough of nylon fibers can be chemically recycled ad up-cycled and it somehow comes back better than before because of the mechanical properties have improved, thereby increasing fiber.

MultiMedia: Inspiration/Color palette

With the color palette, the idea is to try represent both sides of fishing being the leisure and the sporting. Within this group, there is a wide range for ideas for choices, but also some of these might work at all for what we are going towards. I personally believe the last four in this group represent the community very well, and there might be a chance to look at adding or rearranging some the colors to make better sense.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MultiMedia: Presention Prior to revisions

Community Presentation

The Web is Dead Response

For the past 18 years, we have been living behind some kind of monitor, which means when I was 2, I guess I had more time to explore outside, not having to rely on update feeds to keep me going, as well as sending mail the so called snail route instead of email. Now a days, I feel bad that I don't send mail to often or even receive mail besides the bills that come in because I realize I actually get excited to see something that someone physically put time into sending it out into the mail. Anymore the transfer to email is very easy to compile, but you have to rely on cyberspace to get to the person. I won't lie, I have yet to switch over from sending my bills in physically to electronically, for the fact I always wonder what happens if they don't receive it, how long does it take to process, and what happens if the computer crashes in the process. I always wonder about that.

Of all the things I look at everyday almost, is Facebook, Google, and my email, just for the fact those are my main areas to wanting to see updates, of course with Google, I use it for a lot my beginnings to my research. Just these simple things that I go to is convenient and easy to get to, so I don't believe that the web is dead, but it is evolving and shaping to our everyday needs. As a designer, beginning to design for the web world you don't just think one page or one use, you think of many different approaches to how the user is going to interact with the screen. Overall convenience is key in everybody's life even mine and that's the web is always there for people conventionally.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Design Systems: Brand Concepts

Within my group of eight here, I do have a few that I most definitely like and feel like they represent the name as well as my attributes. My attributes include speed, economical, efficient, and substantial, but I shouldn't forget one my attributes being comfort which I feel is represented within the name aeroview. Aero representing air, wind, movement, or lapse in time in this case. View representing life from 'As fast as Life,' comfort, and of course you'll get to see a view.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Group Convo on presentation

Problem Statement or Question:

*****By teaching these kids, using the three learning styles, they will realize their potential. Using these enjoyable techniques that we provide, they will gain self confidence, which in return will encourage them to set goals.
*this is where the 3 styles are briefly explained.

encourage passion in better learning techniques will encourage will help them learn to set goals and build self confince
when a child knows how they learn when he/she is passionate in learning he/she is encourage to set goals

learning styles

we believe that they're not setting goals, because they don't know their potential. we can teach these kids their potential using these learning styles, making it an enjoyable experience. which builds confidence.

when a child becomes good at(enjoys) learning, they become confident in they're ability to learn, creating passion they're able to figure out what they're good at.

when he/she becomes good at learning, it leads to a happy confident mentality, and when a person is confident, he or she is more willing to pursue the things they're good at

they're not aware of the potential they have. So our goal to teach these kids the skills and information they need to realize their potential, by using these three learning styles we can make learning enjoyable. establishing passionate learning that continue to pursue the things they like/good at, which leads to setting goals.

learning enjoyable

beable to

what they can actually do
show kids/ how to show them is important

Audience Definition/ Characteristics:

-Working with both genders, ranging from public middle schools , as well as working with the educators within the school system.

-The values and Identity among the group of the students are in need of the participation in the process of learning knew techniques that better them to learn as well as how they act on the outside. Some of the students may have goals in life already, but what about those who are trying to find a goal to try to achieve. Their goal might be how do they find a way to belong in the classroom, at home, and any other outside activity.

The values and identity among the educators is in need of figuring other ways to implement new techniques to their way of teaching, so that way students will find success.

We plan on interviewing and shadowing ____________ to understand their teaching methods and how they communicate

What Social behavior do we want to change:

We want students to share knowledge amongst others to making learning more enjoyable

become more united by mixing up groups of students which will help in communication and how to treat other

"treat others the way you want to be treated

How you will measure the results of that change:

compare enjoyability/mood/attitude/demenure/friendship amongst the class and towards school, so in the end it will be beneficial

Design Systems: Problem Statement and Names for Identity

Problem Statement:
For the High Speed Train system, the visual identity is to communicate the essence 'As Fast As Life.' The identity will be presented in many ways as to speed, comfort, economical, efficient, and substantial. We will be selling the essence of getting to the destination faster. Our identity should encompass and address to the passengers easily for better understanding our system.

Name Options:

The Rocket
The Whiz
The Reduction (Reduction)
Expose (Bring to light)
The Corridor
The Bend (Through the Bend)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MultiMedia: Possible Fishing Titles

Bait master
In a Fish Tank (Fish tank)
Fishful Thinking
Off the Hook
Fish Force
Get Reel (ha but funny)
Trout Time (?...might not be towards our topic)
Worm Dangler
Second wind
Seas the Day
*Fishy Business
*Gone Fishin

The last two in this list are probably my favorite.

MultiMedia: Revised list of Offine Needs and Online Solutions

I need to find somewhere to fish?

- Geo tagging: When out in your boat fishing, using your iphone or cell phone, can take photos with your camera and upload directly to the hub where it is geographically pinpointed and documented. By user tagging, you can find fishing spots that are convenient to your home, work, commercial businesses, or rural parks.

I need to know the right equipment for my day of fishing?

- You can log on to the online hub and search through a catalog of fishing equipment based on your skill level, type of fishing (freshwater and saltwater), price range, and retail provider (location or brand).

What kind of fish is that?

- Using our aquatic x-ray application, you can hover your iphone/ipad over the waters surface and the application will detect the proximity of the fish.

- By using the fish shazzam feature, taking a photo of your catch will identify the species, measure its size for bragging rights and wildlife regulations, and connect to our hub catalog to find the species profile (where they live, depth charts, etc.).

Where can I buy some fishing gear?

- A hub map that gives a hierarchy list of retailers based upon user generated feed back/voting/rating (like-button) dictated by popularity, selection, type of fishing, and location nearest you. This hub feature acts as a flagging system that takes your profile information such as location, type of fishing, and expertise and gives you a predetermined list of options.

What type of bait should I use?

- You can do a search on your mobile device or hub of what type of fishing you will be doing: salt/fresh water, specific type of fish, geographic location, etc and a generator will supply you with a list of options for your specific inquiries; and will list them hierarchically due to user feed back and hints on which bait works best.

How do I know if there will be any fish where and when i go fishing?

- While planning your trip, from your hub profile you can click a flagging button "gone fishing" which will notify other users you are not at your hub, but more importantly, we will calculate the date/time and location you are planning to fish and inform you with message alerts of whether the fish are in season or migration. From user generated postings of their catch, they can geo tag what type of fish they caught and where to let you know your odds of catching fish in your elected time and location.

Are there any legalities or regulations to go fishing?

- On your hub, through a direct link, you can register yourself to be a licensed fisherman. Your profile will copy and reroute all your information to the department of wildlife/parks and recreation to submit an application for a license. Your mobil device will automatically upload a digital fishing license for you to always have on hand while away from your hub. We will also send you calendar warnings if it is getting close to your license expiration date.

How can I gloat and share my catches?

- As soon as you catch a winner, you can take a photo with your mobile device and your catch will be identified/documented with information of your catches weight, size, species, where it was caught and user comments of how much of a struggle this catch was. This will be uploaded to your "trophy room" on your hub (rss feed), where you can view your catches and other users can comment and share thoughts and link to their similar catches.

- You will gain experience points based on your catches and difficulty of the hunt. These points will be added to your profile and link you with other fisherman with those expertise levels.

Are there any fishing contests?

- Based on your expertise level and location, you will receive email and web blasts about fishing competitions in your local community or fun scavenger hunt games of fishing provided by our own website. Other members can also post competitions to our blog forum.

If I want to fish with someone, how can I go about doing that?

- Based on your profile information, our hub acts as a sort-of dating service match-maker. We will find compatible fishing buddies based on your: location, skill level, type of fishing, boat vs. dock. At any time, you can log on and activate a "want to fish with someone button" that will apply a flag to your profile and alert our servers to start compiling a list of fishing buddy candidates.

- You can also add friends and message/socialize with them by your self to make compatibilities.

How do I know where its safe or okay to fish?

- Based on where you are fishing, your mobile device will pinpoint your location and notify you of weather charts and elemental forecasts that could be potentially hazardous. Also when photo or video/geotagging spots your tag will upload to our servers and search for identical safety hazards that previous users have posted, and will alert you. Also based on the internal self-balancing system within your mobile device, we will calculate tide and depth charts of where you are for your benefit of well being.

- Also you can download onto your mobile device or hub profile, our general safety guide to fishing to check whenever you have doubts. This guide includes live feed weather forecasts and fishing techniques that will prevent any harm to you or your fishing buddy.

How will I know if there is an open area for fishing?

-If your already in a fishing spot, your mobile device will give you an alert letting you know if a certain area in "hot" with fish or if there is an expert close to you if you are a novice, just in case you need help.

-Before leaving to go out, jumping onto the hub will give you information of where there are plenty of others fishing and where hot spots are by providing pin point tags in the area. This is also where you can get your mobile device synced for the alert system before you go out.

How do I get information on times and weather?

- While planning your trip, from your hub profile, it will list all the areas of fishing near by and provide the times for you if needed, this information will also provide direct areas for certain fishing by sorting them for you. For the weather it will show an icon symbolizing what is going on at that time.

How do I cook/clean a fish?

-If your out camping during your fishing trip and away from a computer, your mobil device will be able to upload a video for cooking situations.

-Your mobile device and hub will be able to get a great recipe based off of what you uploaded to your gloat page.

What happens if I get bored out fishing? What do I do?

- With your mobile device, you can log in to your profile, in which you already have gone fishing as your notifier and there you can click on gone fishing to connect with others out fishing and get into a community chat room or if you know someone out use quick talk (personal chat room).

What happens if I can't afford bait?

-Using the hub, you will have the ability to find some user input and based on the user input, you can rate how you feel it helped you.

-Another way to find other ways to getting bait, you can use your hub profile and put out a share/trade ad in which it will be broadcasted to people close by to you.

-If you didn't want to make an ad then by clicking on share/trade will break down by miles, experience level, reliability level, on which person will be the right person to share/trade bait.

-If you are already out fishing, using the alert system in your mobile device will locate people that are in your area to let them know you need to share bait.

What happens if I don't have a smart phone and need other means?

-With your mobile device, if you text in the number given by the hub, it put your phone number in the system and give you the most important features like alerts to you by text message.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

MultiMedia: Offline Needs and Online Solutions

OFFLINE NEEDS: online solutions

geo tagging, map, photo, lat./long. location, ranking system

EQUIPMENT REC: based on location

TIPS OF TRADE: videos, chat rooms, tags to experts

underwater feature, photo of fish, size regulation, recipes for that fish, eco. dictionary, identify bait to area, live feed, environment, depth chart

flagging system, like, button (rate system)

app. that will relate bait to fish

indicator of motion of migration to show where certain fish are, geo tagging

digital form to always have on and instead of looking through papers, have the regulation information on-the-go to pull up when needed

photo gallery, feature on page, rss feed

feature on page

skills, location, purpose type, tools(boat vs. dock), profile, personal ad, for fishing, four square, add friends, message

previous accidents, precautions, weather meter, projected on sail, sonar, underwater feature

video tutorials, rating system

alert system that gives a list of experts in the area, open spots, weather info

graphs/stats to show change in where they are, plotting

upload costs, locations

following places, weather indicator(forecast)

app, recipes on certain fish, tools needed

quick-talk, community chat room

how to make your own(video)

stats, sonar, overlap of areas

point in shoot laser that measure directly from Iphone

subscribe to website/updates

Monday, September 6, 2010

MultiMedia: Communtiy poster

MultiMedia: Communtiy poster info


Basic description of the Community:

In the fishing community, believing in equality is a way of keeping the tradition alive. As a way of coming together to share our achievements, it is important to show our sportsmanship. With our emotional and physical assets, we have the ability to feed ourselves, family and our community.

Activity info

This includes physical boundaries/what's/who's involved in a paragraph form:
As a community we come across physical boundaries within the areas of fishing to the ever changing weather, but we can never under estimate our outfit and mood. We enjoy spending time with our families or just the sportsman individually. The opportunities that are out there for us continually grows among the markets and the support of the government helps us get the ability to enjoy the sport.

Physical Boundaries:
land,busy industrial/ commercial areas, sewage/waste, pollution, private property, heavy wooden debris, wildlife regulations, climate/weather change (seasons), government, patience, boredom, outfit

What's/Who's Involved:
people: families, sportsman, individuals, farmers, hunters, boaters, local communities, seafood lovers
companies: retail sporting goods stores (fishing shops), fish markets, farmers market, grocery stores, fishing equipment companies, restaurants
government: agencies, Department of Parks and Recreations, Wildlife Gaming board

Fishing license, fishing rod, lures, bait, container for fish, life jacket, map

entertainment, nutritional/physical health, to eat, pride in competition, release/escape. tradition, enthusiast, sense of achievement

Shared values of the group:

providing food
sense of community recreation
knowledge, mentoring, instruction
maintained environment/ protection
document experience
good weather
right bait
water ways
sense of equality
enhance the sport


Individuals within the group have the power to influence other members of the community through shared values and experiences. From the sentimental aspect of sharing a traditional activity from generation to generation, an informal sense of respect and emulation is created through this bonding experience. Tenure and seniority within this recreation also creates a foundation of trust and credibility that can be taken as a valid and respected suggestion. Through these unspoken emotional layers of experience, new members have the ability to create nuances of a youthful perspective of what's needed to improve the sport within the community.

Shared Emotions

bonding experience
carrying on the tradition
sporting (pride of catching)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Rosedale Community

The problem I would like to solve is why don't the kids have a dream. This could because of how they are personally and haven't been exposed into something to express themselves at a high level or even by how things go on within a class room or at home, which ever it needs to be solved. My main area of audience is the kids and might possibly include teachers (still early to tell), but the people I really need to talk to are the teachers and parents.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More research

Figure out what time of day is great to go fishing

a great place to read about regulations

When thinking of community for the hub, having the community share thoughts on the wall is nice so people can easily read, learn and understand what is going on within the community. Having related groups towards the topic is great for comparison so the viewer can jump between groups; having related videos will help a novice figure out the sport and determine if they would like to pursue. Having the community post pictures of there catch is a great way of allowing others to see what you achieved from kids to adults, like have an image to represent a person being the catch of the day award that would be posted for each day. Keeping community closer will be allowing blogs being available to others to read about their experiences.

It isn't necessary to have a boat to fish, but a good place to sit is a good suggestion. Having a good place for attraction my be ideal, but maybe having events going on will interest you.