Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Multimedia: Portfolio with 3 interactions

Intro page will have a quote that will relate to what I'm thinking, and over time the quote will change out.
by seeing work you click a category, in which expands to reveal all the projects. Then by clicking on a specific project, it will load up in a scrollable from left to right view and allows the viewer to see all the images of the project.

Site Proposal

My portfolio site will house my body of work in multiple areas. The navigation will be a side bar that will expand once clicked on a main topic, in which will show individual projects. The expandable navigation will allow for growth over time so more projects can be shown.

When entering my portfolio site, a simple greeting of hello and a quote that inspires or influences me will be placed. I feel this would give a general emotion that I aim for.

Each project will show images of the work and allow for an easy slide of left to right scroll.

The site will be built in HTML and incorporate a resume, contact details, and of course the identity of bright colors that represents my efforts of coming in with a smile and willingness to work.

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