Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Degree: Timeline

Timeline for Degree Project

Week 3:

Wed: have timeline/ experiments done

Fri: Have 3 concept ideas

Week 4:

Wed: Narrow down to 2 concepts and keep flushing them out

Fri: By here choosing the right concept will be key

Week 5:

Wed: Start making the concept and refining it

Fri: Have the concept tested and then refine if needed

Week 6:

Wed: Prepare for Midterm Presentation

Fri: Midterm Presentation — Have and show what has been created from the concept that was tested

Week 7:

Wed: Have refinements fixed

Fri: Need to have significant progress — Have the concept refined from the test and have another test developing

Week 8:

Spring Break — Have the concepts tested again and fix what is needed

Week 9:

Wed: Keep fixing the concept design and get more feedback

Fri: Refine from feedback

Week 10:

Wed: Start finalizing as well as receiving more feedback

Fri: Start presentation of degree project

Week 11:

Wed: 1st Formal Presentation

Fri: Work on revisions and second presentation

Week 12:

Wed: 2nd Formal Presentation and have the first half of book printed off by the end of that day

(In between these days have one of the books made and started on the second book)

Fri: Project Due!

Week 13:

Wed: Final Presentation!

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