Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Career Goals: the Triple "P"


Walking through buildings in the Mid West has lead me into my inspiration and fascination of the infrastructure that which the building would hold. I believe what lead me into my fascination into buildings was my grandparents’ log cabin where I felt like I belonged in this man made object that consisted of natural elements. I believe it was their cabin that gave me the ability to see light in a new perspective with the windows being so open to the nature. This experience has given me the inspiration of when I walk into somewhere new, whether it is a house, corporate building, or museum, is to look around because someone has designed this space. With my inspiration, I got into carpentry where I built objects in high school like a carpenters bench, nightstand, and a beginning of a bowl. I feel with my back ground and ability to think logically and creatively, going into an architectural firm will benefit my passion in building, and seeing the process that goes on to get a building made.

6 months goal:

Within the next six months, I plan to learn two important programs that most architectural firms expect a designer should know, which is AutoCad and Revit. These programs consist of designing a building or object in a two-dimensional space as well as a three dimensional space.

One year goal:

Within one year, I would like to be in an architectural firm designing towards sustainability or as an environmental graphic designer. I feel with my passion in architecture and the ability to understand the process towards a design will give me an advantage. I feel with my networking skills evolving this year, I will be able to get in touch with professionals in the AIA through my membership with the AIGA. The type of architectural firm I would like to work for are Populous, HOK, or 360 Architecture because I believe their portfolios that shows me what they have done will keep my fascination towards building continuing. I would also be looking to see if architectural firms like these have within their benefits, the ability to do continuing education.

Three year goal:

For my three year goal, I would like to be still at the architectural firm that hired me, and working my way up with my experience. I plan to do this by working my hardest, proving to them that I am capable in this field. I would also like the people I work with to know that I do enjoy working with them because everyday that I will be there, I will be learning something new.

Five year goal:

Within five years, with the ability hopefully having continuing education, I would like to go to graduate school in either sustainable design or architecture. I feel that if I got a graduate degree, I would have the ability to take on more at an architectural firm. I know the only way I can achieve this is by taking time, but with using my experience already in the field I will better understand what will be expected from oneself.

Up, Up, and Beyond:

There has always been in my back of my mind that I may teach a class, but who knows where I’ll be later on. I feel that being an educator is another way to help others find out new and innovative ways to approach a problem, as well as learn from those in the class because you never know what to expect.

How I will get there:

Time, drive, attention to detail, think both logically and creatively
Creating a portfolio that facilitates what I’m passionate about
Continue to broaden my abilities in programs
Reach out to Architecture designers to get my name out
Research, research, research what’s out there

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